Arteriosclerosis is perhaps the most well-known sicknesses of the vein. It alludes to a

thickening of the dividers of the corridors because of the presence of calcium or lime. It has become a

normal disease in current times, representing a significant part of the inability and high passing rate

among more established people.

Arteriosclerosis is typically gone before by artherosclerosis, a sort of degeneration or mellowing of

the internal coating of the veins dividers. The most dangerous spots for such degeneration are the

coronary vessels of the heart and the corridors prompting the mind. Arteriosclerosis results in the

loss of versatility of the veins, with a restricting of the more modest corridors, which interferes

with the free dissemination of the blood. These progressions may steadily stretch out to vessels and


Arteriosclerosis is more regular in men than ladies, particularly in the more youthful age-bunch. It has

been assessed that 40% of all men more than 40 years have a critical level of obstruction

of their coronary courses and this can prompt respiratory failure at any time.


The side effects of arteriosclerosis shift with veins included. Indications of deficient blood supply

for the most part show up first in quite a while. There might be deadness and frigidity in the feet and cramps

also, torments in the legs even after light activity. In the event that the coronary veins are involved, the patient

may have sharp torments, normal for angina pectoris. While supply routes prompting the mind are

involved, the vessel may burst,causing discharge in the mind tissues. A cerebral vascular

stroke, with halfway or complete loss of motion of one side of the body might result, assuming there is blockage

with a blood coagulation. It might likewise prompt loss of memory and a befuddled perspective in elderly

individuals. Assuming corridors prompting the kidneys are involved, the patient might experience the ill effects of high blood

tension and kidney disorders.


The main source of arteriosclerosis is over the top admission of white sugar, refined foods

also, high fat eating regimen, wealthy in cholesterol. A stationary life and overabundances of various types are the major

contributing causes. Solidifying of the corridors may likewise be brought about by different sicknesses such as

hypertension, weight, diabetes, ailment, Bright's infection, intestinal sickness, syphillis.

Profound pressure likewise has a significant impact, and coronary episodes are more normal during the

times of mental and profound aggravations, especially in those participated in sedentary

occupations. Heredity additionally assumes its part and this infection runs in families.


Assuming the reasons for arteriosclerosis are known, therapeutic activity ought to be taken expeditiously to remove

them. In the first place the patient ought to depend on a short squeeze quick for five to seven days. All

accessible new, crude vegetables and natural product juices in season might be taken. Grape-natural product juice,

pineapple juice, lemon juice and juices of green vegetables are particularly advantageous. A warm

water purification ought to be utilized everyday to purify the insides during the time of fasting.

After the juice quick, the patient ought to take ideal eating routine made up from three fundamental food groups,

specifically (I) seeds, nuts and grains, (ii) vegetables and, (iii) natural products, with accentuation on crude foods.

A lot of crude and grown seeds and nuts ought to be utilized. Cold squeezed vegetable oils,

especially safflower oil, flax seed oil and olive oil ought to be utilized regularly.

Further, more limited diets on juices might be embraced at time frames months or something like that, depending

on the advancement being made.

The patient ought to take a few little dinners rather than a couple of huge ones. He ought to keep away from all

hydrogenated fats and an overabundance of soaked fats, for example, margarine, cream, ghee and creature fat.

He ought to likewise stay away from meat, salt and all refined and handled food varieties, toppings, sauces, 

pickles areas of strength for ,, espresso, white sugar, white flour and all items produced using them. Foods

cooked in aluminum and copper utensils ought not be taken as poisonous metals entering the body

are known to be kept on the dividers of the aorta and the veins. Smoking, if constant, should

be surrendered as smoking chokes the veins and disturbs the condition.

Ongoing examinations have shown that garlic and onions preventively affect the

improvement of arteriosclerosis. L-ascorbic acid has likewise demonstrated advantageous as it helps in the

change of cholesterol into bile acids.

One of the best home solutions for arteriosclerosis is the lemon strip. It is accepted to

be one of the most extravagant known wellsprings of nutrient P. It reinforces the whole blood vessel system.

Destroyed lemon strip might be added to soups and stews, or sprinkled over plates of mixed greens. To make a

medication, the strip of a couple of lemons might be cut up finely, covered with warm water and

permitted to represent around 12 hours. A teaspoonful might be required like clockwork, or

preceding or after a meal.

Parsley is one more viable home solution for arteriosclerosis. It contains components which help to

keep up with the veins, especially the vessels and blood vessel framework in a sound condition.

It very well might be taken as a drink by stimmering it tenderly in the water for a couple of moments and

sharing a few times daily.

The beet juice has likewise demonstrated important in arteriosclerosis. It is an incredible dissolvable for inorganic

calcium store. Juices of carrot and spinach are likewise helpful. These juices can be taken

independently or in mix. Equation extents tracked down accommodating when utilized in mix are

carrot 300 m.l. furthermore, spinach 200 m.l. to plan 500 m.l. of juice.

The patient ought to embrace a lot of open air practice and kill all psychological pressure and brstresses. Drawn out nonpartisan drenching showers at sleep time on substitute days is advantageous. This bath

is regulated in a bath which ought to be appropriately fitted with hot and cold water connection.

The bath ought to be fitted with water at a temperature going from 92 o to 98 o F and the

patient ought to lie in it for an hour or something like that. The head ought to be kept cold with a virus pack. 

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